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Saturday last week (March 6), we had the third session of Global Agenda Seminar at Academy Hills. This is the first of the series with young leaders who are involved with social cause.  The first guest speaker was Masa Kogure, Director of Table for Two.  I have known Masa for some time and have supported their activities and I wanted to have him as the first of the series.

He explained the status of Table for Two using slides and then we started breakup sessions.  I asked all the participants of Global Agenda Seminar to propose some ideas for scaling up TFT’s activities.  As we had over 50 participants, we broke them into 8 groups to have discussion.

In the third part of the session, we had report back from each of the groups.  There were quite a few interesting and innovative ideas.  I am sure that Masa and TFT found the ideas listed very helpful.  The next step is how to make them happen.

In addition, I had quite a few lessons learned to conduct the lively sessions for three hours. It is always a challenge to engage the audience from the beginning, give them enough time to interact with the guest speakers, and at the same time, develop capabilities to have constructive discussion.  As I review the responses of the questionnaires from the participants and others, I have begun to think of new ideas to improve the sessions.  Let us see how creative and innovative we can be.  My motto is “It is never too late to change if you see the better way of doing it.  You need to give it a try to see how it works. “

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