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 There is NPO called Table for Two which was started by some Japanese Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. This is an attempt to resolve the global health issues, in particular, those related to food –hunger in the developing region and obesity/lifestyle health problems in the developed region–by addressing the two together.

  I have known their activities for quite some time as I know those who initiated. At Japan Lunch held at  East Asian Summit of the World Economic Forum in Kuala Lumpur in June this year (which I moderated), the initiative was introduced to the audience and we received quite a few inquiries.

   Table for Two is celebrating the first anniversary on Dec. 10 (at 7:30 p.m. in Aoyama, Tokyo). The event is entitled “African Christmas.”  The information (unfortunately in Japanese) is available here. (You can contact Table for Two directly through the website in English, and/or you can send comments to my blog, so that I can pass more information.)=>table-for-two-african-christmas.pdf

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