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Sunday evening (Oct. 6) I went to the memorial gathering for Tetsufumi Takimoto, who passed away in August.   I had known him for some time, as he was a great listener with critical mind.  I followed him as he was writing books, doing variety of activities.  Hearing his passing, I was sad and wanted to come to the memorial gathering.

There were several people I know at the gathering and talked with them for some time to find out what they are up to.  I also heard several speeches including the one by his class mate from grade school, about his early days and fun time they spent together.

T. Takimoto’s life was short (he was 47 years old), but full of energy, ideas, big heart to help and support others, (though sometimes with too critical remarks!), and fun.  His life is to be celebrated by all. As I wrote on my Japanese blog, the GAS report of session #4 where we did debate, I came across how T. Takimoto emphasized the importance of debate. It is just by chance, but significant reminder for us all.

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