Yesterday, March 3 was the day of the last game for the Shogi A class tournament.  Toshiyuki Moriuchi and Akira Watanabe had both 6-3 and tied for the top position.  T. Moriuchi won the game, while A. Watanabe lost, making T. Moriuchi a challenger for the Meijin title match.  The title match for the Meijin will start on April 7 against defending Meijin, Yoshiharu Habu.

  As I understand it, there were several professionals who faced the possibility of losing the position in class A.  Naturally, it was quite intense as there were several games which would decide who would keep and who would lose the position in class A. Kazuki Kimura and Takeshi Fujii lost and would play in class B next year.  It is a tough game.

  The match between T. Moriuchi and Y. Habu would be an exciting one.