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Yesterday, I had interesting discussion over lunch w the people of Australian Embassy.  I have had privilege to be invited to some events at the Embassy (though I will miss the one for cherry blossoms in early April this year) and have met with quite a few people there.  Over lunch we talked about variety of things including my new projects, and how I see the change or lack of in Japan, particularly around the issue of demographic trend- aging for one and the entrepreneurship/innovation etc. found among younger generation for another. I discussed about my own experience and impression how aging has become an issue these few years (there are so many more articles, books, reports on 100 year life than few years ago.)  We also discussed only few examples of successful entrepreneurs from Japan.

It is always interesting to find out what kind of questions the people who are assigned to post in Japan recently have, as they give me the clue to the perception of Japan from outside. In addition,  I enjoyed  very nice pre-fixe lunch (the salad I started with was fantastic and big enough to serve as main course!), not just  the interesting discussion.

From lunch discussion in English, I went to the interview for the periodical in Japanese.  I was asked many questions regarding “global talent” “necessary skills/knowledge to operate in the global space” as well as “new emerging work style.”  I enjoyed the interview, as I get to know  the type of questions they are interested and was able to compare them with my earlier topics over lunch.  My Opinion column on the Japan Times was also published yesterday morning (I worked on them over the weekend, and thus many ideas were still in my mind.)

I found my head spinning a bit as many topics were covered and in both English and in Japanese.  I felt that my information processing capacity was challenged! and I was quite exhausted after the interview.  (I suppose you feel tired from using your brain/memory and not from physical activity. They are not the same, but exhaustion seems to be quite similar.)

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