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IMG_1780About two weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to moderate the Swiss Re Annual Forum 2014.  I had met with the top executive of Swiss Re at Japan Meeting of the World Economic Forum in June where I moderated two panel discussions.

IMG_2306My assignment was to moderate not only the panel discussion but also to make the whole Forum interactive by engaging the audience.  I agreed to give it a try as insurance industry is NOT my expertise and I wanted to learn more about it, AND making the Forum which tended to be rather “dry” interactive seemed to be an exciting challenge.

I studied the materials, asked questions of the staff at Swiss Re and other places, and met with the staff and speakers beforehand.

The Forum went well and the audience was engaged. It was partly due to the voting system where we asked the participants about several things. I also tried to incorporate some of the suggestions made throughout, such as giving the audience more time to reflect and ask questions before I go on.  Moving around the floor seemed to help, too.

I myself learned a lot from the Forum and in particular, I thought the panel with four experts could have gone on for another half an hour easily.

I will post the link as soon as I get it so that you can check the contents of the Forum.


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