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I managed to survive a day full of activities today.  I had a meeting with the business executives to discuss the project possibility in the morning, then rushed to Academy Hills to do the panel as a part of Keio Open Research Forum,  and rushed back to ICS to have a preparatory meeting for the board meeting later this week.  Then I had a meeting with my colleague to prepare the proposal for the project,  based upon the meeting this morning.  We developed two proposals together, sent them off to the executives by 6:00 p.m.

Then I had an interview for the newspaper to discuss Global Agenda Seminar which we plan to start in January, 2010.   That was all that was scheduled for today and I left the office.

As I was away from the office for a few days, I had quite a few e-mails etc. to respond.  Most of them I responded today,  by arranging the time for the meeting and for phone interview.  It has been quite a day,  but I am almost done for today.  Judging from how tired I felt last night after the flight from Dubai, I managed to show up for all the things I needed to show up.

When I feel pressured to do many things one after another,  I tell myself that show must go on.  No matter what happens, the performing artists must perform on stage day in and day out.  Compared with them, my job is much easier, and I do not have minute-by-minute schedule, either!

I am glad that I survived a day!

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