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I usually go to visit my parents during the weekend and have dinner with them. Lately, as I gave them iPad, we spend considerable time figuring out many things that they  can do with iPad.  (In fact, we had trouble with their router today, as the password –given–was not accepted and they could not access internet!  I am still trying to figure out!)

I usually talk with them about what I have done in the past week, and my plan for the next week or for the future. We also talk about things like upcoming election, books we read, world cup etc. etc., i.e. general and current topics.

Today, I talked about my plan of “strategic shift”.  I was not sure how they would respond, but they supported my plan fully.  It was such a relief for me, as I was not sure whether they would support the shift or change of any kind. (Both of them are in their 80s and my mother, in particular, is very weak, not able to walk on her own. You usually associate those in their 80s not willing to change or support the change.)

So when they said, “that is a great idea!”, I was somewhat surprised.  Later on, when I reflected on their comment, I could not help feeling very happy.  It is great to have support of your family, no matter how mature and old you get.  I think having somebody who would support you on your decision and choice encourages you to try new things and to take up a new challenge.

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    • Seigo Aoyagi
    • July 3rd, 2010

    Good comment.

    I understand why you had a shinning light in your eyes when I met with you yerterday.Whoever respects their parents and is given love and faith by their family is very easy to communicate with.They are gentle and peaceful,I think.

    My mother also keep going to take care of her mother and sister weekend for more than 10 years.I respect your comittment and effort for your parents all the same for my mother.

    Could your parents enjoy ‘Akahuku-moti’?It will bring ‘Red Luck’ to you and your parents.?Please say hello to your parents from me.

    • yishikura
    • July 20th, 2010

    Hi, Seigo san, this is Yoko Ishikura. Thank YOU so much for your kind words and my sincere apology for late response.
    Now you read how I try to keep in touch with my parents via iPad!

    Yes, I gave some pieces of Akafuku Mochi to my parents. They (and I) are very lucky.
    Thanks for your warm heart and kind comments.

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