img_1971This evening (Nov. 30) I joined the group of super ladies.. I am about a decade older than most of them, but I am grateful that I am invited to join. (I was about 15 min. late, only to find that everybody else was there on time, to my surprise!)
I met with some new people and also old friends, and conversation ranged from great food/restaurant, health care and political/economic landscape and future outlook(which no one of us could tell)
img_1969I enjoyed interesting and inspiring (an yet casual and informal) discussion over fabulous dinner. (I asked for substitute for duck and ended up with nice beef!) It is always nice opportunity for me to find out that’s hot among the professional women.
In a way, it was interesting to contrast today’s experience and yesterday’s classroom at KMD. I think it is a distinction between “diversity in action” and “diversity as a theory.)