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I arrived in Honolulu on the flight leaving Narita in the evening of the last day of the long weekend. It took a while for me to be able to check in (I arrived around 10 am and the check in time is 4:00 pm.) After reading by the pool in the sun while waiting, I decided to do daily workout at fitness center! (I was getting bored and tired!)
 I was able to check in about 1:00 pm or so. After a nap, I walked to the Ko Olina station nearby to pick up some groceries etc. and to have fish tacos. (my favorite place.) I talked with the driver of the shuttle on my way back, who told me about the resort and recent happenings.
On the second day (today, Tuesday here), I went to snorkel cruise which I had tried before and enjoyed. I completely forgot about checking the weather when I made a reservation, and went anyway despite cloudy and rainy morning.(I asked about moving the reservation, but decided against it, which was a good decision as the forecast is the same next two days)
It started OK, rained hard for a while, but we managed to snorkel. (Other cruises were canceled!) As I was a bit short on sleep, pushed a bit too much while snorkeling, and the sea was quite rough, I felt a bit sick, very rare event for me.
I managed and my cruise was finished. It felt SO GOOD when I took a bath at my unit after I came back! I guess you need to suffer? in order to really enjoy something simple… Here is a short video clip with voice over in English.

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