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IMG_0109IMG_0117I designated Sunday June 6 as complete relaxing day, doing  what I really wanted to do.  I started the day with jogging along the beach, appreciating the beautiful morning and ocean, worked outside for a few hours reviewing the activities I did last week in Tokyo and responding to some inquiries.

I then went to play golf 9 holes late afternoon, only to play 8 holes as it started raining pretty hard.  The day ended with nice dinner at Roy’s my favourite place.  The beautiful rainbow showed up, reminding me of my loved ones who passed away.   I believe they say that rainbow signifies the people who passed away to say Hello and cheer you up.  I decided that it must be my late husband who passed away over a decade ago (we played a lot of golf in Hawaii) and my mother who passed away a few years ago, cheering me up. I got emotional remembering them.

It was the day for me to spend in a way I wanted.  It is the most luxurious way to spend a day…

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