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Today began with writing several email notes, followed by the Aikido class.  I enjoy Aikido class very much (though my body aches!) and wish I could go to the class twice a week, instead of once. It requires total concentration (otherwise you get hurt and/or hurt your opponent) and thus, makes you forget everything else.

Then I went to Yokohama to have lunch with friends from high school. One of them lives far away, but is in town, so we decided to get together.  It is always nice to meet with friends from old days (as a matter of fact, we get together quite often).  I then went to see my parents, though I could not stay with them to have dinner.

I have several things to prepare tonight–packing for the trip to Davos,  preparing for the Problem Solving class tomorrow morning (i.e. getting up at 4:00 a.m.!) and preparing other materials which will be due later this week.   We will also  have the first round of individual one-on-one feedback session  with students taking Problem Solving class tomorrow afternoon.

So today has been quite  refreshing, but is busy! (What’s new, you might ask!)

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