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Thank you for your patience.  Our next SINCA online session is a week from today, Sunday, May 24 fro 8:00 pm.  Unlike the past four sessions where we tried debate, our next session is similar to the past SINCA sessions in format.

The topic is “What is your story?-What do you want to do when emergency declaration/stay home request is lifted?”  These several weeks during which we are restricted in our activities, many of you may have thought of variety of things-what you miss, what you think is important for you etc.

We want you to share your story to answer the question, “What do you want to do when stay home etc. is lifted?  and why?”  We want you to think of up to three things you want to do, but give us the reason for the first one.

The session will go as follows;  We will assign those who register to break out groups (preferably before we start the session at 8:00 pm, so you can join from 7:45 or so).  I will start the session at 8:00, welcoming participants and explain the background of the topic, and the process.  Then 4-5 people will go to the breakout room (depending upon how many register, we may have 4 or 5 breakout groups) and share each member’s story (#1 and reason) in 5 minutes each. They the group discuss what you shared.

In about 45 minutes or so, we will call everybody back to the general room and we ask each group reporter (one from each group) to report back their takeaway.  We will have general discussion and wrap up.

The whole session is expected to be finished by 10:15 or 10:30 at the latest.  Our facebook event page is open and so is our peatix for registration.  Please go to the site  and register.  Sunday afternoon, we will inform you of the zoom link.   Hope many of you will join u

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