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I started the third day after I arrived in NYC with jog around the Central Park (I did not go full circle, probably one quarter?). It was quite humid, but a bit cooler at 70F. Race seems to be scheduled at the Park, as many people were preparing water table etc.

I then went to Robert at Museum of Art & Design for brunch with my mentor and his wife. (They are like my parents in NYC!) We shared mango cheese cake  for dessert (and took a photo as many young Japanese do!).

I then went to see the play 1984. I hesitated a bit as the review seemed to say that it is very provocative in terms of graphics. It was indeed, but it was less than what I had feared.

I dropped by at my step son’s briefly and said hello to them.

I will try to get some sleep tonight as my sleeping pattern is a bit off. (getting up at 4 am and being out very late does that!)

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