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abudhabi-2015Three days of Summit on Global Agenda was finished on Tuesday, leaving me with many things to reflect. In terms of content and process, there were several lessons I learned.
In terms of contents, I realized that the world is transforming at unprecedented speed (as panelists mentioned exponentially) and we are stepping into the totally uncharted water. Many opportunities and challenges exist and at the same time, the whole things is so fragile and overwhelming. I believe this is the new normal and we need to lean to live with it.
It was interesting to note that many participants of the Summit used to be “young” and experts in some areas which have been established.
I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be exposed to these diverse views and felt that I would have never been aware of this transformation underway if I am in Japan and my information source is limited to Japanese.
In terms of the process, I felt some people are so articulate in expressing their views and I learned a lot from listening to them and discussing with them. At the same time, there are people who seem to be so fixed in their views and hard to follow (at least for me.)
In any case, I felt that we have to SAY something. All the discussions were done in English and required concentration (discussion usually starts from 8:00 am. and ends around 6:00 pm followed by dinner etc.) , which exhausted me often. As you speak up,however,you learn how to make clear statements, build on others etc. You need PRACTICE! All in all, three days in Abu Dhabi was great experience for me.

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