After spending the night at hotel nearby airport, all  11 of us arrived in Abu Dhabi, 17 hours late, to join the Summit on the Global Agenda 2013.  We began the day with breakfast with own council group and now I am attending the interactive session entitled “Connecting everyone  for everything.”

This format is new this year, I believe, where 100 to 150 people meet in one room and brainstorm.  We started with the introduction/sharing activities in a pair (with the person sitting next to you) in 20 minutes or so, and then on to the discussion with four or  on the topic of  “How do we shape the future?” from four different perspectives-social, individual, governments, and business community.

Many new issues (which I have not known) emerge such as how our brains are affected in this hyper-connected world,  most of which  are not answered yet. Both positive & negative issues could come from hyper-connected world such as vocal minority (either for good or bad) could sway many people by using connectedness.   Tensions between transparency vs.  mis- information, understanding vs. divide between the groups, etc.

This type of brainstorming give us the opportunity to be aware of the issues we face today in the world and how interconnected and complex the issues are.  At the same time, it gives the opportunity to become aware of the ideas we have not thought of before.

Transparency as underlying trend whether it is related to individual privacy and also disrupting government.  Organization is also another area where hyper-connectivity affects.  Social dichotomy also emerges such as isolation vs. connected-ness, & understanding vs. divides.