The latter half of the second day of Summit (first day for me) was spent for two more interactive sessions, council meetings and cultural soirre at the Formula 1 race track.

As for interactive sessions, I stayed with one of the 6 themes “A Hyper-connected World” and joined the sessions entitled “New Frontiers in Technology” where I participated in the discussion of “Robotics” group.  The question was how we could tale more active role in managing data related to ourselves.    During the report back session, I heard an interesting comment related to trans-human–i.e. how we could modify/augment not only our physical capability but also mental capability.  It was something I had never been exposed to, so I was intrigued.

The third and last interactive session  for the second day was entitled  “”Who owns my data” and in  Work studio Format  (which I try at “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series) .  The facilitator led the general discussion by asking many questions to the audience and then we broke out into small groups to discuss one of the issues raised.

During the breakout session, we thought of future scenario and our topic was “How do we create the world when data is kept forever, i.e. we do NOT forget?”  It was a very interesting discussion where  we thought about historical value, rewriting history, permission and ability to delete data etc.

When we reported back, we named the title of our group as “Beginning of  the history” and pointed out that it is very hard to deal with the world where data is kept forever, etc.  We can rewrite history both for new understanding and for propaganda, this is the world where things such as context, nuance, etc. are missing, etc.

As it was done in  work studio format, many of us got very excited and I had fun.

The second day was finished with  nice dinner and some amazing entertainment at the F1 Race track.   I sat with my council members and had fun (though without alcohol!)