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IMG_7594 Summit on Global Agenda will start this evening (Sunday, October 25) with some 1100 participants throughout the world. This is the third time it is held in Abu Dhabi (Summit began in Dubai and has recently taken turns between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.)
As I registered early at the venue-Marina (in order to avoid the crowd right before the council sessions this evening), I arranged web apps on my iPhone and my PC. (These things are very convenient, but need to be updated often to stay updated!)
IMG_7595 I am now going through the sessions I am scheduled to attend and review materials in the open space. As I do this, three people that I know came up to me to discuss a variety of topics. (Yesterday morning, I ran into the person whom I met at Future of Healthy workshop in Tokyo recently.)
We briefly discuss what we are up to, to catch up and keep up. As there are many issues and so many experts in different fields, sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming……

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