These days, I have come across with a few occasions where I felt I am “aging.”  (nice way to say is I am getting old!) One incident is the coordination & balance of my body I found in the circuit class in BC.  I felt that my ability to jump deteriorated so much last year and I decided to build it even after I went back to Tokyo.  (It somewhat worked)

This time, it is coordination, rhythm  & balance.  For balance, I have felt that I am losing ability to balance as I get older, but  coordination & rhythm was a bit of shock.  I used to love dancing, almost all kinds except “break dance” or “moon walk types”, and I loved aerobics, Jazz dance & lately Zumba.

Now I feel that my body does not move as it used to be and I can feel that I am somewhat  losing coordination.  I do not know whether I can re-build balance & coordination if I practice, but it came as a bit of a shock!  (Probably I should try going to Zumba class to see whether I really have lost my coordination & rhythm!)

Another symptom I have noticed is  my  eyesight and the ability to unscrew things.  My eye sight is getting worse and it has become so much of a challenge to read small letters (particularly on screen)   Now I understand how reluctant the old people are to read!

I also have difficulty opening bottles etc.   I have strong wrists (according to my Aikido instructor) but screwing the top of the bottle etc.  is a different matter.  Now I understand what it means to age? The reality hits!

Reality is reality, so I have to figure out how to make the best of it! It will be my project for the summer, in addition to  my Phase 2? or 3 of career when I leave KMD in March, 2014.