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In the middle of this past week, we had cloudy/rainy/cold days in Whistler. However, today, Sunday brought summer back! It was lovely with blue sky, crisp air and lots of sun.
I enjoyed seeing many children trying so many things and having fun. For me, I tried drop-in sailing session. It was the perfect day.
I took some lessons two years ago, but had no time to do so last year. I am tempted to take more lessons after I come back from Tokyo in a week. (I am leaving tomorrow to be back in Tokyo for a week.)
There was a big group of over 12 people (I heard in some cases, there is only one!) and I ran into the young lady from Canberra, Australia, who moved to Whistler a few weeks ago. We talked about Canberra, hotel I stayed etc. etc. It was fun.
Many people were out enjoying the sun, music etc. near the Village. I made short video here. Enjoy!

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