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 September 14, the second day of the Annual Meeting of New Champions began with the breakfast meeting of the Global Agenda Councils.  I was to play the role of a discussion leader for the table of about 7 people.  My table was represented by the people involved with water issues, urbanization, migration and Southeast Asia.  The topic was to discuss ideas, topics and concerns  for debates in Dubai meeting.  As it is early in the morning, I needed to get the discussion going and report back what we discussed.  It was again a good exercise for me to engage people and wrap it up for brief report back. 

  Next, I went to the plenary session entitled “America in the Asian century” with interesting group of panelists including Tom Friedman and my friend Prof. Chung-In Moon of Yonsei University. Right before the session,  I was interviewed by Chinese media about the meeting and the session.

  There are many opportunities to interact with people, discuss issues, and express your views at this type of meeting.  It requires high energy level throughout the day and willingness to speak up.  I had very interesting conversation on the bus yesterday both ways–one with the lady from Columbia, and the other with the young entrepreneur from Bosnia.  It is also nice to meet with old friends whom you have not seen for a while as well.

  I will be participating in the Workspace brainstorming session entitled “Future Integration of North-East Asia” and will chair the panel entitled “Sustainability and Corporate Competitiveness” this afternoon.  It will be full day, ending with the Cultural Soiree. (I am also making arrangement to get to the Beijing Airport tomorrow!, while my gmail access is still denied. You must be tough!)

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