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I spent three days in Dalian for the Meeting of New Champions organized by the World Economic Forum. It was quite a stimulating forum in that we talked more about specific actions (rather than theory) for identifying and promoting the unique positioning of Asia in the face of the global economic downturn and the trend found toward protectionism.
keiomurai I also found the new format for the brainstorming, namely ideaslab, very interesting and exciting. I had a pleasure to moderate two ideaslab sessions, and attended two more as participants. I personally think these brainstorming sessions with active participation of the people provide unique value for the participants, as it gives “real” experience of developing ideas, specific action plans, arguing back and forth and presenting it.
I also like the Work Space sessions in which we spend more time to discuss and debate. The one on North East Asia was such an enjoyable and significant one for me.
I encountered a few problems, moderating the ideaslab sessions (more technical) and have quite a few things I could improve for being a panel for the plenary (i.e. on the record) sessions.
Overall, it was a fabulous experience for me and it was also very nice to be back in the beautiful city of Dalian.

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