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I finished the first day of my Summer Camp II OK. I resumed my daily routine of circuit training class, writing, and printing out my draft at the library. For circuit training class, it was nice to have the instructor who gave us many detailed instructions in circuit class. Though I found it tough to keep up after 10 days, I managed even without being too sore.

I followed the same procedure as before, of returning the car I rented at the airport and of rewriting the contract. (It is a good way to save some money.)  I also began writing the draft of the online series of columns. I now have several ideas to write on.

It is interesting that I notice things such as the following, despite the short break of trip back to Japan.
– I find myself laugh more, listening to podcast, radio and others talk than when I am in Japan. It is not clear whether there are more funny things mentioned or I am more relaxed and enjoy humor.
写真 (69)– I find many people eating here and there. It is partly due to that fact that many people are here on vacation. I am amazed,however, how much and how often they seem to eat! It is in contrast with myself who seems to lose appetite when on vacation.
– I find there are “small things” in BC, though you see more “big things” including people. I found skinny and tiny soda cans. They fit me much more than the big bottles. (Photo on the left)

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