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After spending most of July & August in British Columbia, I am just about to leave Whistler, BC to catch the flight from YVR back to Tokyo.  This summer has been a good one for me, with many interesting events. We have been fortunate as we did not suffer from smoke from forest fire two years in a row (no comparison with the one in Amazon), as it rained a lot in June and on some days in July/August.  We were blessed with blue sky (sometimes relatively cold weather -this morning is was in 40sF!), which makes a big difference as to how I feel.

As for the place to stay, it was a bit confusing as I had to move five times!  The unit I rented from friends was not open for extended period, and thus I stayed in Vancouver before coming to Whistler in early July.  I went back to Japan for a week as usual at the end of July, and came back to the different place as the place I stayed in July was taken. I also went to Brazil for a week to give a talk in Bahia and in Sao Paulo.  I came back to the unit I rented in July.

I am now at YVR lounge, waiting for the flight to Haneda (I went to fitness center as usual and quite relaxed.)  I plan to make a short iMovie w photos I took in BC. Hope I can do it before I board! I prepared short iMovie, but no voiceover or BGM yet.  I seemed to have fun almost every day with friends!

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