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While I was in British Columbia, I watched live streaming of Singularity University Global Summit 2019 which was held in San Francisco from August 22 for three days.  I did not watch the whole thing, but what caught my attention was the one by David Roberts who gave the last presentation on the first day.  I heard him speak in Tokyo at SU Summit few years ago and was very impressed. (In fact, I quote his words during my presentation.)   I caught the last part of his presentation this time and again found it very inspiring and passionate.

  As I found out that the link was good just for a week and that it is August 30!, I watched some more today.  I watched some on Day 3  on health care which I found interesting, but I was determined to find David Roberts’ presentation before the link expires.

After some trial and error, I found it and watched (I believe it was almost an hour long!)  He began with what makes disruption hard, Global Inspirational Goals (a bit different from SDGs) and four elements to make us succeed at ordinary life.  He explained the difference between knowledge and execution, and extensively talked about what leaders do.

He began with the story of Wright brothers who invented airplane, and finished his talk with the toy their father gave to his sons.  His last message was that every person can change the world and asked us “What might we do tomorrow?”

It was very powerful and inspiring.  I believe you can watch him here.  The Part 2 of Day 1 which includes David’s presentation(I believe) is below.

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