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From my limited experiences of interacting with very young people such as high school students, I find that they seem to be keeping up with what is happening in the world quite well.  They have many ways to access information and visuals from many parts of the world by technology and that is quite understandable.  What I am a bit concerned is that the system and the people who are expected to set up policies and are directly involved with teaching/learning does not seem to be quite up to date with the world trend.

I hear there are many reasons for this, such as teachers are too busy filling out forms etc. and making sure that students can pass exam to the universities, to get exposed to what is happening in the other parts of the world.  They have so many things to do that it is difficult for them to pay detailed attention to each student. The Ministry has decided to introduce English and programming to grade school in the near future as an attempt to develop skills required for the future.

I see the concern on the part of the parents when I give a seminar to business people. I am often  asked by some business people how they bring up their children-in Japan, overseas? or what?  They seem to question their own approach.  As I do NOT have direct experience and/or exposure to the schools now, I cannot give definite response whenever I am asked that question.

While we are faced with ageing society and find that the birth rate has declined even more these years(as well as other parts of the developed world), this is one of the urgent issues to take some action, but I really do not have good solutions or responses. Thus I feel quite helpless and frustrated.

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