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When you have holidays (like now) but not able to go to places of your choice due to restrictions, it is very important to structure your activities.  I learned it hard way when I was struggling to finish my doctoral dissertation many years ago.  I do not enjoy writing to start with, and in addition, writing doctoral dissertation is a lonely experience as you tend to be on your own with little supervision and/or activities to follow day in and day out.  It often happens that many do not finish dissertation because they start teaching etc. and/or spend time without making progress on writing.

I lost confidence in my ability to discipline myself while writing doctoral dissertation.  As it was such difficult experience, I try to incorporate structure into my day etc.  I do NOT want to go through that experience of questioning my ability to get anything done.

When we have job that requires us to do some activities, our life is structured.  Same holds true with taking courses and/or going to school.  You always face deadline which pushes you to get things done.

Covid-19 this year has brought new challenge to many of us.  All of a sudden, many of us have so much time-whether we are doing WFH or schools turning to online.

My day is quite well structured as I have daily workout first thing in the morning for little over an hour, daily brief speech in English which I decide to do on my own to maintain my English speaking capability, and usually have some online meetings.  If online meetings for the companies are scheduled, they force me to prepare, check devices etc.  As I have some seminars and workshops,  some follow-up or preparation of the events serve as deadline for me.  In the morning after workout, shower and coffee, I review activities the day before and write down time I spend for each activity (it needs not be precise as my objective is to get facts about time allocation.)  I also make To  do list for the day.  After some trial and error, daily work works quite well.

My problem, I found recently, is structuring the week. I  noticed that I lose steam usually on Thursday (sometimes it starts from Wednesday evening) and get quite unproductive.  Friday, I tend to recover and get things done.

Sunday is usually busy for me as I have Aikido class in the morning, online Idobata meeting with friends and sometimes, SINCA etc. in the evening, i.e. lot of interaction with people either virtual or real. Monday, I am usually physically tired but replied to inquiries etc. as people start work week. By Monday evening, I am so exhausted and go to bed relatively early.

Tuesday and Wednesday are spent for follow up of Sunday activities and preparation, usually involving some exchange of notes (but not necessarily online interaction.) By Thursday, I feel I have had it. I feel a bit depressed as I do not have interaction with people either real or virtual.  I start feeling disappointed in myself. After feeling a bit down for the day on Thursday,  I come back to life for TGIF and start initiating personal interaction. Weekend starts with some interaction with people.

I did not identify this pattern until few weeks ago.  I felt unproductive and not excited around Thursday, I found.  As you find the pattern, you can DO something about it. So I am scheduling some activities that take me out of my apartment, whether it is going to post office to pay, etc.  I am now experimenting this new activity — I am going to chiropractic treatment tomorrow to go out,  I will see whether I can break the pattern and structure my week.  Stay tuned..

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