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Watching the final  game of Rugby World Cup, I could not but think that after all what determines the result may be the will to win.  As both teams are almost equal in terms of skills, discipline, techniques, training etc. etc., it seems that something more makes a difference.  When I watched the game between South Africa and Japan, I thought that their skill level was clearly different and South Africa was in a different league.  Japan was amazing up until then as they had such strong will to win the preliminary round to get to best 8.  (I was amazed and very  inspired by their tenacity.)

At the final game this evening, it almost looked (to me) that South Africa had such determination to defend.  Almost more than the determination to win.  They do not give in how close England was to try.

World Cup had many lessons we can learn. I am novice in rugby and still know very little about rules and terms.  I was even surprised that the national team could be formed with people whose original nationality is not from that country.  I also recall the movie “Invictus”.  (I now understand the meaning of the term Invictus. It is similar to tenacity.)  I was also amazed that power and speed can co-exist.  Even the players who are not that tall have so much power AND speed.

I think the World Cup was such good example indicating the “diversity” in action and “departure  from traditional trade-off mentality.”  It is time for me (us)  how I(we) apply what we learn during the game to our everyday life. Congratulations South Africa and Thank YOU for showing your spirit!

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