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I wrote briefly about my Opinion “Flexible work…” on the Japan Times published today (August 12.)  Here is what has happened before the article became what it is.

Two numbers, 3 million and 30 million caught my eye while I was in Japan for a week.  As I have been interested in alternative work style for some time, I wanted to write some story, using these two figures.  I was looking for something more as “flexible work style” has been discussed very often.  Then the idea came as I visited Fukuoka and met with people engaged in start-up etc. there whom I found very exciting and inspiring. I was also very excited about the initiative of Fukuoka.   I also had an opportunity to visit WeWork in Omote Sando to see the potential of holding SINCA sessions. I liked the atmosphere there very much as it seemed to indicate the new wave of work style.

So I  decided to incorporate these two stories into the story.   I was quite excited about it, but partly due to the hectic schedule in Japan of doing seminars etc. every single day of the week AND exhaustion from hot/humid weather, I had difficulty crystallizing the main message, combining these four stories.  I was also traveling (i.e. flight of 8 hours or more with 2.5 hour drive right after) and public places were closed in British Columbia due to the long weekend, making it difficult to print out what I drafted.

I somehow managed to write the draft and send it making deadline(I make it a rule to make the deadline no matter what!)   While doing so, I asked the editor to give me comments, explaining my situation of having difficulty finding the overarching theme of the whole article, etc. The editor came back with many detailed comments, which I appreciated very much.  I revised based upon his comments, added some data, checked the source etc. asking the professional I ask for help.   Then the article is now published and available online.

You can read the article here.  If you want to find what I have written for the Japan Times in the past several years, you can check this ink .

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