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I have come across with a few incidents recently that remind me of the need to make continuous effort day in and day out. First is related to communication (in particular, English) capability. I heard from senior executives that communication capability to understand and express views with ease is still lacking in some industries such as retail. It is a sharp contrast with the leaders/executives from other countries including Asia. This observation and remarks by the senior executives brought me sense of urgency I had felt before but have forgotten these days. It is true that auto translation software has been progressing very rapidly and can be used by many soon. And yet, having the ability to read/understand information quickly and to express your view in your own words still plays a critical role, I think.
The best way to develop this capability is to practice every day as language is a tool for communication and needs to be used as often as possible.
The other incident that reminded me of the continuous effort is related to organizing materials used for seminars/workshops etc. I have been hosting workshop and seminar series in English to develop global talent in the past several years, but I have NOT organized materials in the past year or so. It could be because I have become busier than before doing one thing after another and/or have become lazy. Whichever the cause may be, I realize that I need to organize materials so that I can spend time more efficiently and effectively.
Now it is up to me whether I bring this sense of urgency into action and tangible result. As the end of fiscal year is coming soon, it will be a good time to do it.

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