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We often hear that the world today is “hyper-connected” and it is the reality. We have many technological means to stay connected such as social media, skype, mobile, etc.   When it comes to our own activities, however, we need “will” to stay connected with people we know. We need to have “will” to keep in touch and to take action.

During my stay in New York City, I came across with the joy and challenge of staying and renewing contacts.

I was fortunate this time, as I was able to meet with people I wanted to see with a short notice. As many of my friends spend time travelling for their work, it is often difficult to set up appointment AND to keep it as our schedules change.  In addition, I was able to renew my contacts via telephone in the past week.

I called my host parents while I was a MBA student in Charlottesville, Virginia, a few decades ago.  They are very nice people that we have kept in touch.  Once, they came to see me and my family in Florida during holidays and I visited them when I had some business in Washington DC.  I tried to call them whenever I am in the US just to keep in touch.  It so happened that I talked with my host mother right after they moved to the cottage at the retired community in the same area. (They used to have a house where I stayed many times, but being in 80s, they decided to move.)  It was very nice to hear about their new life.

Another call was with my friend from high school a few decades ago.  She commented on my blog and we began e-mail exchange few weeks ago. I called her and we had very nice conversation, which brought me back to the high school days.  It was a very nice incident made possible through the technology.

As I enjoyed these contacts renewed, I felt that there were more people in the area whom I could have kept in touch.

Many of us lead such a busy life these days that it requires “will” & “action” to stay connected.  I have quite a few people that have made so much impact on my life and I need to stay connected with them, informing them what I have been up to and what they are doing. At the same time, I want to meet with new, young people to keep my energy at high level.  The question is how to do all these in 24/7 world, but it is definitely worth it. It is also more of our intention, rather than time.

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