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As I wrote the other day about the status of knowledge/skills of the Japanese in general in the report presented by my friend K. Ataka and SFC team at the Cabinet office, I have tried to figure out what to do myself.  I decided that the way to kill two birds with one stone is for myself to study math basics identified in the report.  They are linear algebra, calculus and statistics.  As I was in liberal arts course (so to speak) from high school, I never learned basic calculus or linear algebra. In fact, I have no idea what linear algebra is!  I did some statistics at business school, so I have a bit of feel for that, but recalled that I could not catch up with the online Stats course on MOOC several years ago.

I also found that linear algebra online course started on Feb. 12 (last week), and I was tempted to take a look. Unfortunately, I was buried with documents to prepare for tax filing, and missed the date.  In the meantime, I figured that too ambitious plan would not work, given how little I know about these basics.  So I decided to buy basic textbooks for calculus and statistics few days ago.

Today, I finally felt ready (after I took care of majority of documents for tax filing and arrangement to care for my Dad) today and started reading the textbook. I began with calculus and went on reading to the third chapter.  Then I came across with difficulty and decided to stop and switched to statistics.  As I am familiar with statistics, I felt better.  It is still the first day, so my task now is to continue.

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