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It has been just a week since we finished SINCA x Omotesando college trial session. (Photo on the left)   It feels like it has been one month for me, as I had so much to follow up!) Now,  it is time for our next SINCA session!  It will be held on Friday, November 30 (in two weeks) at 100BANCH in Shibuya.  It will be the first official? session of SINCA under the category of Start-up session.  It will start at 7:00 pm and we will have presentation/(see below) brainstorming for 2 hours, followed by networking session with nice catering. (the same catering service as last time in June, which was very well received!) 100BANCH is a very exciting place for experiment and innovators, and worth a visit if you have not been there. (photo on the left)

We will have representatives of two start-ups working at 100BANCH and they will give presentation about their progress and we will have breakout sessions to help each to brush up their concept, respond to questions and support in any way we can.  We decided to try this format (start-up session category of SINCA in addition to company-sponsored session) as we want start ups from Japan to do well at many start-up competition held throughout the world.  (I often hear and have seen myself that startups from Japan have considerable room to improve on their presentation and Q & A skills, compared with startups from Asia.)  So come and join us to help these two start-ups.  (We will inform more about these start-ups.)

In addition, we will have Prof. Tokutaro Hiramoto of Kanazawa Institute of Technology, expert in SDGs etc. as guest speaker.  He is the alumni of the first Global Agenda Seminar series in 2010 and have worked in this area for a long time.  As SDGs can (and will) provide many new opportunities for start-ups with many new ideas, he will discuss the status of SDGs and future outlook at the beginning of the session.  He will participate in discussion as well.

Many companies are now interested in SDGs and have tried to incorporate it into their business strategy.  This will be a good opportunity for you who are interested, and want to know more about it.  If you are interested in start-ups yourself and/or in helping/supporting them, as well as in being engaged with the activities, please join us Here is the link to details and registration. (Please do register through peatix.)  We will provide more information about two start-ups in coming weeks, too.  So stay tuned.

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