My commentary entitled “Applying the concept of danshari to work and life” is now uploaded on the Japan Times Opinion page.  (For print version, it will be published tomorrow, June 10.)

During the emergency declaration and restriction on variety of activities, many people seem to spend “stay at home” time, cleaning and sorting.  I am one of them and disposed of so many materials I do not need and junk I have accumulated (some of which I did not even know!)  Big clean up at many homes  almost overwhelmed garbage collectors with extra amount from household and it took a few weeks for them to collect the big items.  Today as one of the last items, I arranged the pick up of books I do not need any more by Book-off. (Electronics to go yet.)

Now that restrictions are being lifted one by one, more people began going to the office in crowded trains. (with some staggered schedule and office layout for social distancing.)  What I want to propose by using this  concept of  “danshari” in this commentary is not only to stop receiving what we do not need, throw away what we have accumulated AND to depart from obsession with “things.”

My recommendation is application of concept to work and life.  What I am afraid is that people start going back to the same routine as before, even though they now realize that Work from Home is good in that you have more time to yourself and family,. no need to be pushed into the crowded trains, etc.  as you need not commute.  I hope we make best use of this opportunity to be forced to try something new and continue new work stye and life style.  Here is the link to the commentary.   As the news have been on Covid-19 in the past several months, almost all  of my recent commentary is on how we should address the issue of various restrictions.  My main message has been to start a new approach, and not to back without thinking hard.  We can improve how we can do WFH better, now that we experience some benefits and at the same time encounter some issues.  If we go back to the old way without deep thinking, we will waste this great opportunity to renew ourselves.