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IMG_9334This morning, I delivered the first item I offered for auction two days ago. It was the combination of watching Aikido and Sunday brunch at the Tokyo American Club. The concept is “physical stamina & good food-key to global leader?”.
As today was the last day of my Aikido class for this term and “watching day, ” I invited three people to watch my Aikido class and join me for Sunday brunch.
It turned out that none of the three do martial arts, but used to do Judo, and/or interested. We had close to 10 people watching our class which lasted 1 hour.
IMG_9340Then we had Sunday brunch- appetizer & dessert buffet with any of the main item. We started with Mimosa or bloody Mary, went on to appetizer buffet. Main course was good and big! (We forgot to take a photo of buffet table and main course!)
As it was just about the firs time I talked with them about their job, how they spend weekend, etc. and it was fun. I shared how I began Aikido etc. It was fun morning and I am stuffed! (enough energy to carry me the week?) Thank you for joining me.

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