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 The other day(I cannot tell which day it was published as I was out of the country and totally out of time zone!), there was an article written on St. Gallen Symposium in the Japan Times.    It was based on the interview with Mr. Philip Erzinger, CEO of St. Gallen Foundation who was in Tokyp for 2 days! 

 I participated in St. Gallen Symposium twice in the past and am honored to serve as a member of the Final Jury for St. Gallen Wing of Excellence Student Competition this coming year. 

  During the interview with Mr. Erzinger which I also attended, I found out that  the origin of the symposium goes back to the 1970s when the student riot was on at different places throughout the world.    To me, St. Gallen Symposium has a special meaning as it is planned and operated by the students at St. Gallen, and the key concept is the dialogue between the leaders of today and leaders of tomorrow.  Now that I am more familiar with the origin of the symposium, the concept of the dialogue and intellectual challenge has even more significance.

 The Summit on the Global Agenda organized by the World Economic Forum and the Government of Dubai in Dubai which I just participated was very exciting as many leaders of today attended and debated to develop solutions to the global agenda.   At the same time,  I am also convinced that the young generation, i.e. leaders of tomorrow, will play a major role in creating  the future.  In that sense,  St. Gallen Symposium which welcomes young people throughout the world has as much of a significance as the summit on the Global Agenda.  

 I would like to encourage many people to get to know the symposium and apply for the competition.  Opportunity to meet and interact not only with your peers, but also with the leaders of today is open to you.  For the article, here is the link. For the student competition, the link is here.

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