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 As I wrote in May in this blog,   I attended the 38th St. Gallen Symposium in St. Gallen, Switzerland this last May.
  I introduced this symposium on the “Innovation Live”, TV show I do every other month on Business Breakthrough Station on satellite TV. (though in Japanese, see this for more information.) The title of the program was “St. Gallen Symposium-dialogue between leaders of today and of tomorrow.” 

  I had Philipp Kuhn-Regnier, of the International Students’ Committee of St. Gallen University as my guest. He has been in charge of the planning, negotiating, managing and operating etc. for the Japanese delegation (which included me.)  For example, before the Symposium, he helped me to crystallize my thesis for the Work Session I moderated and develop a list of questions to get the discussion going.   

  I wanted to have Philipp as a guest, as I think a most innovative aspect of the Symposium is that it is planned, organized and managed by the students of St. Gallen. 

  As for the show, “Innovation Live,” it was the first attempt to have a guest who does not speak Japanese (he does a little). I introduced the Symposium and its main concept, asked him questions in English, translated his answers in Japanese, and also talked about my own experience of attending the Symposium. It required more coordination than our regular show, as English and Japanese are involved, but with the help of Philipp and Nami Nishino, our main caster, we finished it quite smoothly. (I hope, as I have NOT seen the video yet myself.)   

  Last time I interviewed several people in English for the show, we taped in advance and we put Japanese subtitles on the screen so that the audience could follow while they listen to the interview in English.

 The show reminded me of the great opportunity I was given to attend such an interesting and stimulating Symposium and of the interaction I had there, in particular, with many students.    I hope many more people will know about the Symposium as it is such an exciting occasion for me to inteact with leaders of tomorrow. 

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