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 Two days ago, I was invited to a Reception to highlight the Exchange Program between St. Gallen and Hitotsubashi University, hosted by Minister Gramm of the Embassy of Switzerland. As I wrote before, St. Gallen has many interesting initiatives including the Exchange Program and St. Gallen Symposium.

  I had such a wonderful time meeting with Minister Gramm and others at the Embassy again.  Meeting with many undergraduate students from St. Gallen and from Hitotsubashi was such a pleasure. I love interacting with young generation. And they are YOUNG! Most of them were freshmen and sophomores.   I heard from Swiss students how they found Japanese life (they do home stay with the Hitotsubashi students) and from Hitotsubashi students their career plans,  their role models etc. etc.

 As I teach at ICS, graduate school where most of the students have several years of business experience, it was quite a different (and fun) experience to interact with undergraduate students.

  I am delighted that I am given an opportunity to get to know St. Gallen. (I saw the sign to St. Gallen on my way from Davos to Zurich airport three weeks ago!)

  I am convinced that younger generation, if they are given many opportunities to spend some time in foreign countries and to interact with others of different culture, will build much better future. I am grateful that I am given these opportunities and want to make every effort to make it available to a larger number of younger generation.  

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