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This weekend is a long weekend in Japan, as Monday is the national holiday. Sports day. As this is just about the best time of the year in terms of weather (it is rather on the warm side this year), many people seem to be looking forward to the weekend. Many schools may have sports day event. At the park near my apartment, several events are scheduled.

When I was in grade school or high school, Sports day is one of my favorite events. Being an outdoor person, I love various games held on the Sports day. At high school which was girls only school, we had a major event during the Sports day. One was the cheer leading competition and the other was the group talent show.

Cheer leading (not sure whether this is the right expression) was one of my favorites and I often joined the group to cheer our team. One year, we went to the university nearby to learn the techniques of cheering by students. We borrowed Hakama, Kimono, fan and university cap as well as huge drums. We followed very macho-style (BANKARA) cheer leading. (There are many crazy things you can do at all girls high school!)
The other event I loved was the show the 12th grade students put together for other students. It was like talent show done by groups. Our group decided to do Spanish style show. I selected the music with other members and choreographed the dance series for our group. We practiced every day and we had so much fun.

So this coming Monday will bring back some happy memories for me and I will try to join some events outdoor.

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