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This morning (November 21), I attended the Space Business organized by Economist Corporate Network.  Florian Kohlbacher of ECN gave us a brief overview of the report prepared by the Economist on Space Business. After that, four speakers- corporate intrepreneur, entrepreneur, Japanese government official and top executive of Northrop Grumman Japan -share remarks from different perspectives.  I have always benn intrigued by the space and in particular, astronaut (I have some contact with M. Mori and C. Mukai and could not miss this opportunity.)  Besides, I know Akira of ANA and Kevin who participated from Oita in Avatar In for some time, and was very much looking forward to the event.  Many interesting remarks were made, but what concerned me is the human capital required for space exploration, particularly in Japan.  I made rather pesimmistic comment about the educational system for STEM education in Japan, but I hope this will trigger more young people to challenge the new area of space.

After the session, I took Shinkansen to Osaka.  I gave a talk on Human capital in the era of drastic change at HR Conference.  The room was standing room only and I hope that I met some of the expectation they came for.  Ater the talk, I took some photo with the participants.

Recently I do not have too many opportunities to go to Osaka, and was very surprise at the extensive development near the Osaka station.  I hope we can organize more events and sessions in Osaka area.

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