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Avatarin,  ANA Holdings and JAXA announced the joint project to launch the world first publically  accessible  space Avatar to International Station Station.  I have followed and been involved with Avatarin for some time, and  I am particularly excited about this project.    I have always been fascinated by space.  (I wanted to become astronaut since I was very young (in teens) when I heard the audio of space launch at high school (It was just audio and no video then.)  Whenever I have a chance to meet with astronauts, I get totally nervous. (They are my heroes!) See the photo with Chiaki Mukai.   Recently I met Yamazaki san and Noguchi san, too. Mamori Mori has been ,my hero for some time, and I also had the honor to work with him for Science Cafe etc. several years ago.

I have been involved with Avatarin since the team of Akira Fukabori and Kevin Kajitani began their effort with their first project of Blue Wing.  When I heard the concept of Avatar,in I was overwhelmed as it is such a great way to offer incredible opportunity for transport.  (It is possible that it disrupts the “traditional” airline industry.” )

Now that it is going to space, I am even more excited.  Flying is always my dream (I once studied how I could get pilot license!)  and space is the ultimate destination.  Here is the link to press release for the project. I am so honored to serve as one of the advisors for Avatarin.








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