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This afternoon, I attended the kick off meeting of Sophia International Club (I believe this is  a tentative name).  As I graduated from Sophia university several decades ago!, I always feel that I would like to do something for them.

About 1.5 years ago, I was invited by the Neo Sophians’  Network and gave a talk.  Through  this seminar, I got to know some younger alumni and current students at Sophia and have kept in touch  with some. (I used to be invited by the alumni of Economics Department  a few times many years ago.)

As I heard about this event, I decided to go to see what it is up to.  I also wanted to promote various seminar/workshop series I do,  to the group of people who are interested in global issues.

578719_10151398537003198_1604416444_nAt the Irish pub where it was held, I met with some people whom I had known (most my generation or older), and met with some new people.  It is always fun to meet with new people and find out what they do.   It is also good to see some whom I had known for some time, but have almost lost track recently.

We had some 20 people or so (by the time I left as I had something else to do–As I rushed out I even forgot to pay for my drinks!) and it was a nice get-together.(See photo on the left)  I promoted Global Agenda Seminar  which will start in June at Roppongi Academy Hills, as well as “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series, the third session of which will take place on April 10.

In fact, one person I met at New Generation talk participated in GAS 2012 and a few came to KMD Forum (Davos …No. 2 session) . So it seems this is the group of people I want to interact with for global agenda and international issues.

presents)To my surprise, they celebrated my birthday (which was March 19) with the nice present and the cake.  (Photo showing lolly pop-ball-point pen type for touch panel, chocolate cake in the box, with flowers sent from my friend on my birthday- a while ago)  I was very happy that they remembered my birthday. What was even nicer was to find that today is the birthday of the  young lady (student at Sophia) and we were able to celebrate her 20th birthday! too.

I was getting discouraged last night as I was  behind my scheduled plan to catch up with my To do list . It looked that I might have to skip the event, though I said I would join.

I am glad that I went, as I know it will be the beginning of something exciting.   Thank YOU for letting me participate in the event and for your presents!

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