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This evening I attended the seminar organized by Sony Computer Science Lab at Roppongi Academy Hills.  It was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sony CSL and for the publication of the new book written by researchers at Sony CSL.  I read the book and found it extremely interesting and could not miss this opportunity.  From their website in English:

“Sony CSL has produced a new book to commemorate its 30th anniversary in 2018. This volume attempts to picture the future of humanity by collaging exclusive interviews with twenty “crazy” Sony CSL researchers. Research expertise in here are panoramic yet each story behind them is personal and human….”

In the Part I of the session, 5 researchers explained their current interest in five minutes and panel discussion followed. After the video of the 30 year history of Sony CSL, Part 2 added two more researchers explaining their current interest, again followed by panel discussion.  Some of the remarks I found interesting include: 1) obsession and imagination is the key to Sony CSL research 2) there is no concept of authority 3) What you find interesting and fun is the key criteria etc. etc.  Some helpful remarks I find are 1) go to different places 2) go extreme physically 3) have many folders of knowledge as creativity is based upon combination 4) creative people have disciplined life, etc.

The book (unfortunately in Japanese) is full of interesting personal stories of the researchers.  Highly recommended.


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