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I went to see the demonstrations at Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc. this morning.  The  Anniversary Open House Symposium was such an impressive event that I made sure that I would see the demonstrations.  (It was a bit tight time wise, as I had many activities scheduled today, but managed!)

It was three years ago I was invited to the Open House Symposium and Demonstration  for the first time.  I was so fascinated to find a completely different world from the one I was familiar with, and found the demonstrations so  much fun and exciting.

The Symposium on Monday was full of exciting and well coordinated presentations by the younger researchers, Open Talk by the three senior people, followed by the incredible AI opera entitled  Casparo.

I love the concept of Open Systems Science and various research with vision of making an impact in the world.  I liked Post Digital Entertainment, Hack the Body, Open Energy System, Care, Data & Health presentations, in particular at the Symposium.

Today, I got to see some more demonstrations including Medical Healthcare Platform for Big Data, “Oto-Latte”,  and even was given an opportunity to try Augmented Human by Dr. Rekimoto whose presentation I missed on Monday.   I met with Dr. Ken Endo with Hacked Legs, and Dr. Luc Steels with Open-Ended Robust language Programming.  He even gave me the book of Casparo, opera he created music for.

Though some research was totally beyond me, the whole concept of “Open Systems Science” and “Act beyond Borders” was very appealing to me.  I am very fortunate that I got to know such a great lab and great people like Dr. Tokoro and Dr. Kitano, both of whom are so inspiring and at the same time, so much fun to be around!

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