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20160624_DavosIn the next 10 days, we will host three events which offer you to take “soft” approach to global issues in English. I believe I am NOT the only one that feel rather frustrated with issues we hear day in and day out–political, economic and social. For example, US Presidential election, Brexit or not, increasing number of terrorist attacks and serious issues around refugees, all affecting many of us throughout the world, but very difficult to resolve.
How about taking a different approach, much focusing on art/music, “beauty” and “designing human experience”?
On June 22 (Wednesday), we will host #3 of Global Agenda Seminar 2016 from 19:00 at Roppongi Academy Hills, where Dai Fujikura, contemporary music composer, Lori Henderson of British Chamber of Commerce and I will discuss how we can make the creative use of the Olympics in 2020 for communicating arts and music of a variety to the world.
loridaiOn June 24 (Friday), from 19:30 we will host #38 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series at Ginza Shiseido to explore the question of “beauty.” Is there a common concept of “beauty” that is applied anywhere in the world and in any era?
On June 29, we will go back to Roppongi Academy Hills from 19:00 to learn and practice Design thinking from Gregory Perez, the expert, IDEO, to design human experience.
You may think three seminars in 10 days in English may be too many. It may be better to get the large dose of something in a short time, to get your thinking (and communication skills) developed to reach some threshold.
For June 22 session, follow this link for details and registration.
Gregory PerezFor June 24 session, here is the link.
For June 29 session, try this link.   Hope many of you will join us…

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