IMG_0012DEX38grpWe finished #38 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series last Friday, June 24 at Shiseido.  Our next session #39 will be held at Lifenet Insurance on July 22.  The topic is Designing your own social safety net so that you can live YOUR life.  It was interesting that we heard about the importance of “design” and “creative confidence” this evening from Greg Perez of IDEO Tokyo.  Designing our own social safety net will be a good starting point that we can apply design thinking to our own life.

The idea behind this topic selection is the increasing need of the social safety net, apart from the social security system set up by the government.  The state system assumes almost out-dated standard of household (married couple with two children) as our lifestyle has become much more diverse today.   It is about time we ourselves think about how to design our life… For details and registration, follow this link.  Hope many of you will join us.