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At Session #15 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” (DET) series, we will explore a new option of “social intrapreneur”. I come across with many people who want to Do something about resolving global agenda such as poverty, education, climate change, etc. But they perceive it is too much of a risk to leave their job to get involved with this type of activities.  Only few leave their job and start NPO to work full time on the issue.
I want us to discuss whether “social intrapreneur” can be a viable option for many of us, at our session #15 of DET on May 30 by using  a  “live” case study of ANA Blue Wing.
Blue Wing was originally developed by Akira Fukabori, one of the participants of Global Agenda Seminar 2010. He has faced with many challenges in proposing his idea of making it happen.  He kept revising the plan and kept proposing to many within his company ANA.  His conviction that this is a good “Win-Win” way to create value both for the company in its effort to raise global brand awareness using their resources of being an airline AND for social entrepreneurs who need to go around the world when their funds are rather limited has never changed. I have supported him along the way, as I thought this would be a great case of achieving Win-Win for both parties.   I really wanted it to be implemented.

After four years of dedicated effort, Blue Wing received the corporate level support and now is in the phase of experiment with some clear goal to achieve.
On May 30, we will have Akira Fukabori and his team to tell us their journey and the issues they now face. You can get the idea for key success factors to mobilize corporate resources to achieve high aspirations and pitfalls to avoid from people who actually have done.  The deadline for the experiment (July 31) is coming close and we want to keep this project alive, so that we can make the movement even bigger scale.  You can take a look at their website,  see the program in detail and hopefully vote. We need your ideas and actions to support this project.

Join us to promote this project to the world by registering via our website. Many ideas and actions are welcome!

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