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Today, Sunday March 29, was hit by unseasonably snow.  I had heard that snow was forecast today, and was more or less prepared.  Cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and in one day season changed from spring to winter!  My day began with the casual talk with my lady friends. We had new members and this time it worked quite smoothly.  I edited the video I managed to record after some trial and error to 15 minute or so and sent it to my friends.

I then watched/listened to the talk shows of Roppongi Academy Hills Art College.  I listened to four parts at twice the speed in the afternoon. The last item for today was zoom Global Agenda Seminar discussion on worried/headaches from Corvid 19.  We had a member from NYC and some new members.   It was interesting to find that all of us long for exercise during this Corvid 19 period, as most of the gyms and community centers are closed.  We also talked about the impact of Corvid-19 on the industry. It was general consensus that we are all bored and tired of Corvid-19.  I felt that I talked too much, and want to develop some format (such as debate or role play) so that everybody can have a role and talk.  I need to pick some topic other than Corvid-19.

Now I am listening to the last talk shows of Roppongi Art College. Today was full of zoom & online talk shows.   Now I can see the need for variety…

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