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img_2176This is how I spend a day in Kauai-snorkel cruise. I drove about 10 miles to make 7:15 a.m. check in time in Port Allen. I was assigned to Southstar, one of the catamaran they have.
Some 40 of us boarded the boat barefoot and ready for the voyage. We found out that we would go straight to the snorkel spot (taking 20 minutes or so) and snorkel first, as the wind might be too strong up north. It was very breezy and cool.
Once we arrived at the spot, we were given snorkel gear, instructions and went right into the ocean with the fins. It was nice, but as always, I had some trouble adjusting my gear so that I could breathe. (It took two or three trials.)
Then I started snorkeling, looking for fish. There they are. So many different types of fish were swimming and you feel free to chase them, try to touch them, etc.
After some hour of snorkeling, we got back to the boat. (I was quite cold.)
We started heading up north along Na Pali coast. It was a nice voyage. We saw whales and dolphins jumping.
After about 2 hours of cruising, we had lunch—cheeseburger, vegetables with drinks. I think cheeseburger is the best bet in the US.
After about 5.5 hour of cruise, we came back to the port at 1:30 pm. As I snorkeled for an hour or so, I was a bit tired, but totally enjoyed the day. (Believe it or not, I went to Christmas dinner at my friends’ place!)
Here is the iMovie I made. (Voiceover is in Japanese, and not to light.  I will do it in English later.  So just enjoy the scene!)


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