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 I reviewed the paper recently analyzing the way the CEOs of companies (majority, US) spend their time.  It was quite extensive study following large number of CEOs and conducting detailed analysis of how they spend their time.  The motivation behind this research is the notion that business environment is becoming increasingly complex with more uncertainties and the time has become even more scarce resource for the top management.  Majority of the findings as to how top management allocate time were as expected, but one thing which was very surprising to me was the finding that average hours of sleep for CEOs is more than 7 hours. I have had hard time securing 6 hours and was surprised at this finding.

It appears that the importance and need for good sleep has been recognized more recently.  I recall that people (particularly in technology area) used to compete on hours of sleep.  The shorter, the better then.  So it is 180 degree turn.  I suppose the need for good night sleep for wellness and sharp mind has now been recognized.

I will try to follow this example.  (In fact, I had less than 5 hr sleep last night as I had 2 hr skype meeting late at night and had all day meeting today!)  Now I will hit the sack to recover!

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